About Malinda

About Malinda Gibbons, L.Ac.

Welcome! I am a licensed acupuncturist and Maya Abdominal Therapist (MAT) who specializes in treating pain and women’s health issues. I have been in practice for over 20 years. Currently I practice in the Fallbrook/Bonsall area.

I hold a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Go Heels!)

In addition to required internships, I studied for three years with a well-known sports acupuncturist who specializes in motor point acupuncture. I also studied with a Japanese-style acupuncturist who utilized gentle technique. After my master’s program, I completed an internship in Chinese Herbology and Gynecology at the Nanjing University International Training Center in Nanjing, China. I am an Apprentice to Dr. Rosita Arvigo in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.

My Story

As a teenager, I suffered from chronic allergies and sinus infections. I took a variety of pharmaceuticals, but nothing truly helped, and some drugs even made things worse (such as the time I passed out in the shower, the food court at the mall, etc…).

Once I graduated from college and started working, the stress often made my sinus issues worse. I had read about acupuncture and I decided to try it. I went for a treatment once a week for six weeks.

I’ve never had another sinus infection.

As you might imagine, this was life-changing for me. No more monthly antibiotics. No more headaches, lethargy and giant boxes of tissue.

I was an advertising copywriter then, but I decided to change professions…and a few other things. I broke up with my boyfriend, quit my job, and moved to San Diego, CA to attend acupuncture school and receive my Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine.

Looking for ways to expand my education, I received a coveted slot as an intern with a sport’s acupuncturist (Matt Callison), where I worked very hard, physically and mentally. (Ask me to tell you the story about standing on the table, trying to do a muscle release on the hamstring of a San Diego Charger…). Even though, in my mind, all I really wanted to do was treat women’s health issues, this sports acupuncturist opened my eyes to the importance of pelvic alignment and different needling techniques to treat the hips. In the three or more years that I interned with him, I received invaluable experience treating professional athletes and weekend warriors.

I also received a different type of experience from another mentor, KC Conover, who specializes in gentle, Japanese-style acupuncture. “Listening” to the meridians through the pulse has been a mainstay of my treatments.

Mentors and Aha! Moments
Another Aha! moment came when I was attending a monthly sweat lodge in Tecate. I saw Cachora, a Yaqui elder, treating his grandson’s foot by “pulling” heat energy out. Cachora was generous enough to demonstrate some of his energy techniques and this was my introduction to energy medicine.

Eventually, I attended a retreat outside of Tecate where I received Reiki from a group of indigenous Mexican women. It is difficult to describe the feeling and range of emotions that it stirred.

After I graduated, I went to Nanjing, China to intern with Dr. Shu, a gynecology herbalist. His compassion and knowledge inspire me even now.

I received advanced training in acupuncture and herbology in Nanjing, China.

After I started practicing, I still felt the need to learn more structural treatments for the uterus, abdomen, and pelvis. I discovered Mayan Abdominal Therapy and I’m now an apprentice to Rosita Arvigo, a “naprapath” who lives in Brazil and the United States.

Throughout all of this, I got married and became pregnant. Unfortunately, I went on to have five miscarriages. This was such a difficult time in my life. Frustrated, I turned back to western medicine but my issues were “unexplained” by the reproductive endocrinologists. So, once again, I turned to Oriental Medicine and also Functional Medicine. I took herbs, supplements. Vitamin D, did a cleanse (so did my husband), took baby aspirin, and took progesterone (all of this according to my bloodwork).

In 2011, my husband and I welcomed a baby girl! All I know is, it worked!

My personal journey with fertility helps me understand yours!

I use the concepts of Oriental Medicine daily to keep myself and my family healthy. However, several years ago I was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Guillain-Barre, an autoimmune disease. I was hospitalized because I could not see or walk straight and I had tingling all over my body. I received plasma infusion therapy, but this is all Western medicine had to offer as far as recovery. In the grand scheme of things and compared to many other people who have suffered from this, I am very lucky. I utilize as much of my knowledge of the body, acupuncture, herbs and supplements as I continue to heal myself.

Today, my husband and I love spending time with our happy, healthy, beautiful girl. We live in the Fallbrook area and have purchased and renovated several fixer uppers (we consider ourselves amateur real estate investors). I continue to work as a freelance copywriter and writer. Originally from Asheville, NC, I was raised on unintentionally organic vegetables, free mountain chickens, and deviled ham and SPAM sandwiches.

Background & Training

MS, Oriental Medicine
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
San Diego, CA

BA, Journalism and Mass Communication, Minor in Psychology
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

Licenses and Certification:
Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), State of California

Maya Abdominal Therapist, Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage

Internships and Extended Studies:

Qigong, San Diego, CA (2018)Using Chinese Herbs to treat Hashimoto’s, (2017)
Aromatherapy and Chinese Medicine, San Diego, CA (2016)
Dr Tan’s Classical Chinese Medicine, San Diego, CA (2014)
Symmetry Posture Alignment, Patrick Mummy, San Diego, CA (2011)
Master Tung’s Points Series 1-3, Susan Johnson, L.Ac., San Diego, CA (4/2008)
Obstetric Acupuncture, Debra Betts, L.Ac., San Diego, CA (10/2007)
Internship, The Fertile Soul Fertility Retreat, Dr. Randine Lewis, LAc, Austin, TX (2/2007)
Maya Abdominal Massage Professional Training, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Estes Park, CO (10/2006)
Cosmetic Acupuncture, Denny Ellinger, LAc and Martha Lucas, LAc, Cabo San Lucas,  (8/2005)
Gynecology in Oriental Medicine Course Series, Blue Poppy Press, Bob Flaws, LAc (2003)

Internship in Chinese Medicine, Herbology and Gynecology, Nanjing University International Training Center, Nanjing, China (8/2002-9/2002) I was one of four students who was allowed to study with Dr. Shu, a well-known herbalist and gynecologist in Nanjing. I observed over 35 gynecology patients daily for one month.

Oriental Medicine Gynecology Lecture Series, Lily Ye, LAc, San Diego, CA (1/2002-4/2002)
Acupuncture Internship, Private Practice, Matt Callison, LAc, San Diego, CA (4/1999-8/2002) and UCSD RIMAC Sports Training Center, San Diego, CA (8/2202-12/2202)
Acupuncture Internship, Aquilino Soriano, LAc, San Diego, CA (1/1999-1/2000)
The Energetics of Structural Balance series, Matt Callison, L.Ac., San Diego, CA
PNF stretching (8/2000), Common injuries to the neck and upper extremities (2/2001), Common injuries to the lower extremities (4/2001), Low back and hip pain (5/2001)